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Antenatal and postnatal checks

Did you know that you can now self-refer directly for maternity care without seeing a GP?

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Shared antenatal care for women and postnatal checks, by appointment only.

Our surgery has previously hosted Midwife clinics for those women booked at Kings College Hospital only.  From early October 2015, due to re-structuring of maternity services as Kings, we are disappointed to inform patients that midwife appointments will no longer be available at Acorn Surgery.  For details of where your antenatal midwife appointments will be scheduled please contact your midwife team.
For those of our patients who choose to book their maternity care through St Thomas' Hospital or Lewisham Hospital, their midwives will make arrangements to see them at other locations.

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Please book to see one of the nurses to discuss your requirements.

The surgery offers a full range of options including:

  • Condoms (male condoms and Femidoms)
  • Combined contraceptive pills
  • Progesterone-only pills
  • Depo-Provera (progesterone only) injection
  • Nexplanon (progesterone-only implant)
  • IUD (coil)
  • IUS (Mirena coil)
  • Referral for Natural Family Planning
  • Referral for sterilisation (female sterilisation and vasectomy)
  • ​​IUD/IUS fittings by appointment.
  • Nexplanon (contraceptive implants) can be fitted by appointment following initial assessment with the nurse. Implanons can also be removed, but please book an initial consultation with Dr Baker to discuss your ongoing needs and reasons for removal.

 Coil checks by appointment with the nurse. 

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Health Promotion: Health Care Assistants & Practice Nurses

We are actively engaged in health education and disease prevention and are always happy to discuss this with you. In particular we can arrange:

Primary prevention - e.g. advice on smoking, diet, exercise and immunisations.

Screening - e.g. blood pressure checks, cholesterol estimations and cervical smears.

Special attention is given to patients with asthma, COPD, hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, mental health problems and heart disease.

The following clinics are held by appointment:

  • Asthma          
  • COPD             
  • Diabetes   
  • Hypertension            
  • CHD  
  • Obesity      

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Joint Injection Clinic

This is held by appointment and is administered by a GP for those with chronic joint pains.

Minor Surgery

All approved minor surgery as well as rheumatological procedures are carried out on the premises by prior appointment only.

Child Health Clinics 

Theses are held at Gaumont House Surgery on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (1.00 - 3.00pm drop-in): routine immunisations, weighing and an opportunity to see the health visitor for advice about the progress of your child.

Development checks - by appointment only.

Baby changing and breast feeding facilities are available. 


Routine childhood immunisations can be administered at the Tuesday and Thursday baby clinic at Gaumont House Surgery from 1pm on a first-come-first-served basis. If this is not convenient, then please speak to reception and book a routine appointment with one of the nurses.

Adult immunisations by appointment with practice nurses.

Please note that we charge a small fee for some vaccinations required for occupational reasons- please ask at reception if you need further information.

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Facilities for the Elderly and the Disabled

The consulting areas including the disabled toilet are on the ground floor and are accessible by wheelchair. Collection of all samples may be carried out at home or at the surgery whenever necessary.

Statement of Fitness for Work

You do not normally need a sickness certificate  or "sick note" for the first seven days of your illness.  

The Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) Regulations state that employers are required to accept self-certification notes (filled in by you) for the first seven days of your illness. All employers are required by law to comply with these regulations. 

If you still need a doctor's certificate during the first seven days of illness, a fee will be charged. 

To continue to claim Statutory Sick Pay after the first week of illness you will need a doctor's certificate, which will be provided free of charge.

To summarise:

  • For the first four days of any illness, you do not require any form of certification.
  • For the next three days (including Saturdays and Sundays) you must fill in a self-certification form. This is an SC2 form, available from your employer, or available from surgery reception or download from link below.
  • After the first seven days, if still not ready to return to work, you will need a doctor's Statement of Fitness for Work. You will have to make a routine appointment to see your doctor to obtain this.

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Fees Payable

Some letters or reports are not covered by the NHS and you may be asked to pay a fee.

Please ask Hannatu at Gaumont House Surgery for charges. 

Please allow five days from the day of request for private letters to be processed.


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